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When the warmer weather arrives the sheets can be unfastened and stored for the next season. In the fruit garden the fruit trees should now either be mulched with manure, or given a feeding of liquid manure according to the instructions on the container. Prune pear and plum trees this month, and prepare the new beds that are wanted for strawberry plants. In the vegetable garden, start collecting sticks for the pea and bean growth later in the season. Broccoli not already harvested should have some leaves broken over the heads to protect them. Brussel sprouts can be sown now with cauliflower and carrot and a further sowing of lettuces.

The County Council operates a Leader and Executive model, consisting of a Leader and eight Executive Members each responsible for a specific Portfolio. The budget book analysis the overall County Council budget based on these Portfolios. The provisional grant settlement was received from the Government on the 19 November 2003, and was comparatively favourable for the major service blocks.

The County Treasurer attended party group meetings during December and January to assist in deliberations over the Government Settlement, budget and Council Tax. They also agreed in principle to cashpassporting Education. That is to pass the grant received from Government for Education onto Education Service budgets. During late January the Scrutiny and Overview Committees discussed the detailed budgets set at the Executive on 17 December, and fed back their comments in order for the Executive to finalise their three year budget proposals to the County Council in February.

The final settlement was received from the Government on 29 January 2004, Get best result from PPC with the key issues being analysed by the County Treasurer and Chief Officers. The County Council meet and debated the Executive’s recommendations on 17 February but did not reach a final agreement. Members rejected the Executive proposal on the basis that the Council Tax increase was too high due to the risk of capping and people’s ability to pay.

The Executive met again on 25 February to consider the Council’s comments and to make a further budget recommendation to the County Council. Sustainable economic growth is central to Cornwall’s future prosperity and wellbeing. In turn, it will help fund and underpin all aspects of the Council’s services for residents and businesses. The Council’s involvement in European work is extensive and varied. As a member of Europe it is important for Cornwall to ensure that European Union policies and programmes meet Cornwall’s needs.

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